TMJ Splints

No laboratory is more experienced with the special applications of splints of all types. Since the days of Dr. Carl Storberg and the American Academy of Physiological Dentistry, we have been deeply involved with the treatment of TMJ dysfunction. For the very latest in splints, the Talon thermoplastic is the finest.

The Talon splint requires no clasps or retentive devices. The natural undercuts of the teeth provide needed retention. The Talon is available with or without an acrylic laminate occlusal surface.

The laminated occlusal can be of any occlusal pattern from flat plane to pivot to excursive.

The Thong was designed by Dr. James Carlson to be the smallest, lightest , most comfortable TMJ splint. Due to its small size it can be easily worn all day. Talking is natural because of the maximum tongue space provided by the skeletal design.

The unique design of the lingual element allows for a degree of lateral expansion by opening the omega loop. If the practitioner is using the ALF technique, an upper ALF can be made and the patient can go directly into an orthodontic phase of treatment while maintaining their proper occlusal height.


The ultimate time saver. Viazis bio-effecient or straight wire brackets are set to a standard Boone gauge or according to your special requirements.

A clear matrix and transfer tray is formed over the brackets. The clear tray allows the practitioner to light cure through the tray. This permits the use of light cure adhesives.

When the bracket adhesive is set, simply remove the transfer tray and matrix and cement the molar bands.

Typical bracketing time is 20 minutes or less for both arches. A great time saver and no inventory to maintain.