Valuable Links

The links listed on this page are a valuable resource for all practitioners with a desire to increase their knowledge not only in the use and selection of orthodontic appliances, but the management of pain, TMJ dysfunction, and sleep disorders. Scientifically designed trainers for children and adults available from Myofunctional Research company, including the TMJ appliance for immediate effective relief of TMJ symptoms and the revolutionary new Trainers for Alignment. The American Orthodontic Society. The largest association of general practitioners and pediatric dentists who practice orthodontics. Home of the Dr. William E. Wyatt Distinguished Lecture Series. The home of Dr. Robert Walker. Chirodontics is the finest course for dentists and chiropractors who treat headaches, TMJ, chronic pain, and sleep disorders. This is a highly recommended program for practitioners using lightwire appliances. The International Association for Orthodontics is an association of general dentists and pediatric dentists and others who provide orthodontics as a part of their practice. Dr. Gerald Smith's website. This is your most comprehensive resource for the ALF lightwire appliance and a wealth of information for the management of chronic pain patients. The official website of the International Association of Facial Growth Guidance. The major source for those who desire to know more about the Dr. John Mew and BioBloc therapy. The home page of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Any practitioner working with sleep disorders should consider membership in this professional organization The site for the American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics. This far reaching group bases its philosophy on the Weibrecht Crozat technique specializing in non-extraction therapy. An excellent resource and valuable website to visit. The website of Dr. Hugh McDermott from Ireland. It is against the law in Ireland for dentists to advertise. Due to this factor you must enter a password to enter the sight. The password is: Hugh. Dr. McDermott has changed the way he practices since beginning to use the ALF appliances in his office. Be sure to log onto this website to gain his insights. Dr. William Hang presents courses on the BioBloc and creating beautiful, full faces. The American Academy of Craniofacial Pain is a group dedicated to the treatment and relief of craniofacial pain and dysfunction. An excellent resource for practitioners treating TMJD and pain patients. Dr. Mahony lectures worldwide on non-extraction orthodontics, the ALF appliance and related topics. A description of his courses is available at This is a useful website for contact information and links related to the Alternative Lightwire Functional appliances.